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TallyTots Counting

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TallyTots Counting is a collection of number games, matching games and puzzles that will teach your children skills they need to learn basic numbers and counting. This app fosters early learning in children through its educational games involving digit identification, sorting, number matching and more! Your toddler will explore the world of numbers and learn how much fun counting can be! Educators everywhere pick our app over the thousands of choices out there because they know TallyTots Counting is the best way to teach kids that numbers can be fun. Let your children explore 20 awesome mini games and counting puzzles, all of which promote early learning and help build number counting skills. Whether they're serving up a 7-layer sandwich or finding 14 colorful cupcakes, your little toddler will have fun with early learning through a number of interactive counting puzzles and matching games.
Finding ways to keep your toddler amused can be trying for even the best parent or teacher. TallyTots Counting is the perfect way to keep them busy, while teaching them that learning numbers can be fun. Whether your children are strapped in for a long car ride, waiting anxiously at the doctor's office or need something to do at home, this app is great for keeping your kids busy and learning anywhere, the classroom included.
All games and puzzles feature fun number cartoon graphics coupled with positive verbal encouragement. Your kids will love counting zooming race cars, squeaky white mice, buzzing fireflies and much more!
TallyTots Counting also comes with a 123 number sing along song, so both you and your kids can sing and count at the same time. If you really want to challenge your children, use the 1-to-100 number guide and watch them impress family and friends as they count every number from 1 to 100 perfectly!
Great for the preschool level, this app is the perfect way for your kids to explore numbers and develop the foundation for early learning and basic math skills. Your kids will find that numbers are both easy and fun, and you'll be happy and proud to see how positive your child feels about learning.
This app is fully unlocked, with no in-app purchases.
Features: • 20 puzzles and mini games that teach numbers, basic math, order and sorting. • Bold digits and numbers in different colors your child can easily read and see. • An upbeat and fun 123 number sing along song so you can sing with your kids. • An interactive 1-to-100 number guide to challenge your children. • Safe, worry-free play with a Parent Gate and no third-party ads, so your little one can stay focused and learning without any distractions.
Awards: • Top Ten Classroom Math Apps - Teachers With Apps • Top 50 Apps - • Featured in Apple's Apps for Preschool & Kindergarten
"This educational app for toddlers is one of the best we've seen." - Famigo
Finding the perfect app to teach your kids the joy of learning shouldn't be a numbers game. Download TallyTots Counting and have your kids learning numbers today!
Crafted by Spinlight - a team of talented artists and parents who share a simple goal - to make games that spark a lifelong passion for learning.